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30m Replacement Stand Waterproof Housing Case For GoPro Hero4 3+ AHSRH-401

30m Replacement Stand Waterproof Housing Case For GoPro Hero4 3+ AHSRH-401


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Genuine Waterproof Housing for GoPro Hero4 Silver / Black, Origianl Price at market is £39.99. You Save £20.00 now. Compatible for Hero3+.

Use this slim, lightweight housing as a spare or replacement for your Hero4, Hero3+camera. The flat glass lens delivers maximum image sharpness above and below water. Waterproof to 131'(40m).

Note :
The GoPro camera is not included.


1 year warranty*

Within 60 days after purchase, any cost incurred for returning and replacement is responsible by us. Over 60 days, buyer is responsible for the cost incurred for returning.


Item Name : Waterproof Housing
Dimension : 60mm x 35mm x 70mm (L x W x H)
Weight : 57.4g
Material : Polycarbonate

Item Name : Quick Release Buckle
Weight : 9g
Dimension : 45mm x 32mm x 22mm
Material : Hard Plastic, Metal

Item Name : Long Thumbscrew
Weight : 10g
Max Diameter : 20mm
Length : 54mm
Screw Diameter : 4mm
Material : Hard Plastic, Metal

items Weight including Package : 100g

Package Includes

Replaement Waterproof Housing x 1
Quick Release Buckle x 1
Long Thumbscrew x 1

How to Use

For first of use, please put some tissue or some cotton inside the housing. Dump into water to test the waterproof ability. Check the Housing to make sure it is not broken.

Open the back door and put the camera inside. Make sure the clip of back door holds securely.

Suitable for

Suitable For Camera Model : 
Model : 
Hero4 Black Edition,
Hero4 Silver Edition,

Hero3+ Black Edition,
Hero3+ Siliver Edition,
Hero3+ White Edition,

Not for ---- 
Model : 
HD Hero, HD Hero2

Hero3 Black Edition,
Hero3 Black Edition-Surf,
Hero3 Siliver Edition,
Hero3 White Edition,

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